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RFID Tagging

Tagging Your Stock For RFID Conversion

The retrospective tagging of your library stock is a challenge, Library Outsourcing Ltd are best placed to ensure that challenge is met. We have to date tagged over 26 million items for UK Libraries. We work in partnership with all the major RFID system suppliers but we are an independent specialist in RFID tagging.
We believe there are two key requirements for the tagging stage to help enable a successful RFID project.
 First it must be done correctly, having a skilled, committed and driven team is essential to sustain the quality of the work throughout the process.
 Second is timescale, being able to accurately, to the day, forecast completion of the tagging process allows the rest of the project to be implemented on time and on budget.

Q: Will the tagging process mean we have to close libraries?


A: No, we work whether your library is open or closed, our teams will not cause any disruption to normal library services.
Q: Where does the tagging get done?
A: We work at the shelf however we can provide access to readers while we are working.
Q: Does the work create Health and Safety issues?
A: No, all our equipment is managed in a health and safety conscious way and the process does not create risks to staff or readers.
Q: How long will it take?
A: This depends on how much stock you have and how many people we utilise. A typical team has four members who will process around 6,000 items per day at a single site.
Q: Would you expect to tag all our stock?
A: No, across all the tagging projects we have completed the average amount we tag is 80% of the LMS total. There are a number of reasons for this, some stock on loan cannot be tagged, some stock may be lost and the LMS may not be entirely accurate. We can arrange to assist in tagging loan items when they are returned even when we have completed the library and moved on.
Q: How do we handle tagging the stock when you have left?
A: We can provide on-site tagging training as part of the process, we also provide a specific tagging manual for you. There are a number of variables with the tagging process so a manual specific to your requirements is useful for both yourselves and your suppliers.
Q: Do you charge for the amount of stock we think we have?
A: No, we only charge for the stock we actually tag. We also provide a full audit trail which shows each bar- code along with each unique RFID tag identifier.
Q: Do you keep us informed of progress during the project?
A: Yes, we provide several reports daily and a final report. You can see samples for these below.
Q: How will our CD's and DVD's be tagged?
A: This depends on various factors. We will work with whatever solution you agree with your RFID system supplier. Some solutions mean more work than others which may affect the price
Q: How do you tag our Local History collection?
A: We will work with your Local History Librarian, to decide how best to handle your specific collection. If you have any further questions we are happy to help.

The Tagging Team

All other suppliers of this service are predominantly providers of other library services, who add a tagging service to their list, as opposed to ourselves; we on the other hand, are a tagging company who also offer other services.

All other suppliers use temporary / agency / casual staff to complete tagging projects, we do not, we have teams working with us continuously. The advantage of this is a guarantee of quality, no need for initial training at project start and the highest output per day per person in the industry, by far.

Other suppliers follow a project plan created by the client or the system supplier, we believe we are best placed to create the project plan and manage the project throughout with an on-site project manager.

No other suppliers use software to analyse the tagging logs, we do, and it is a very important element of the work. The vast majority of errors made during a tagging project are programming errors, the majority of which are picked up by our quality control software. This is of course a support to our on-site visual tag positioning and manual data check quality control. Our current error rate is 0.007%, all of which are rectified due to our quality control procedures.

We are the only tagging company worldwide (to the best of our knowledge) that have tagged over 26 million items (UK & Europe).