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Library Book Cleaning

Professional Library Book Cleaning

We provide a wide range of cleaning solutions designed to meet your individual needs. From a simple shelf clean to individual book cleaning, whatever your requirements our services can be tailored to fit. Creating a more inviting library is a challenge and our library enhancement service can certainly help to achieve it.

Cleaning your stock will:

  • Enhance your library environment.
  • Create a healthier dust free environment for readers and staff.
  • Will improve the attitude of your patrons to the stock available and its care.
Library Outsourcing Book Cleaning

Benefits of book cleaning:

  • Recreational readers and students will be unhappy with dirty, dusty or badly organised book stock.
    The cleaning process will enhance their library experience.
  • The way recreational readers and students treat library stock will also be improved.
    Dirty stock creates a less caring attitude towards borrowed items.
  • People take their cues from the environment they find: a collection that is clean and well-kept promotes general respect and care for the materials it contains.
  • A major element in stock deterioration is the ingress of dust, 'biological elements' and chemical traces from the atmosphere.
  • Cleaning creates a more ‘book stock friendly’ library environment so that mould, insects and other pests are greatly reduced.
  • Reducing dust on the outer surfaces of books greatly reduces the likelihood of it working into the interior, potentially causing irreversible (expensive), soiling or scratching.
  • If reserve stock material and irreplaceable materials such as local history items are to be reproduced, it is necessary that they be clean before the copying process begins. If stock is kept clean the preparatory cleaning cost is greatly reduced.

‘Many thanks to your team, who worked extremely hard cleaning our reserve stores, following our recent building project. They have done an excellent job, and were a pleasure to work with. ‘

Susan Rodda, Collections Librarian
Susan Rodda, Collections Librarian
Bishop Grosseteste University

Professional Library Book Cleaning provided by Library Outsourcing Library Book Cleaning Team

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