Take control, outsource!


What does the LibAssist service offer you?

Closing the gap between demand and resources.
As staffing levels reduce and the demands on staff time grow it is sometimes necessary to have additional resources to bridge the gap. LibAssist aims to offer this additional resource without a requirement for long term commitment. LibAssist provides trained and motivated teams, or individual staff members to library services across all sectors.

Lib-Assist is here to help you with your library day to day tasks like Re-Shelving, Accessioning, Catalogue work, All book processing, Counter services, Loose leaf updates,etc.

What will it cost?

We operate a flat rate per person daily fee for 8 hours work, no additional charges are applied and there is no need to commit to anything more than a day at a time. The total cost is highly competitive and we will guarantee that you will benefit from a productive member of staff for one day or as many as you need.

Library Outsourcing  LibAssist Team provided  a fantastic service for Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design Library on two occasions. They were fast, efficient and very hard working. We would be happy to have them back.

We employ a fairly large group of student shelvers and they work on an hourly basis, usually an hour per day Monday-Friday. Due to the huge increase in use and resultant shelving, we are now employing students and recent graduates through the Universities student temp agency and they are employed for blocks of 3 hours at a time. Library Outsourcing were great because they worked full time, were very quick and focused.

I am definitely considering building additional outsourcing into my shelving plan for next academic year for peak times when we know it will be very busy, i.e. at the start of the first and second terms. We can’t really ask student shelver to work full time in this way because they can’t commit the hours. The mixed model of staffing therefore works very well … it has been a fascinating, and unexpected, development of the move.

Sarah Gilmour,

Learning Resources Manager,

Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design Library