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Our cataloguing teams have completed some challenging projects, from 30,000 items from a card catalogue project in a London Law library, to a 100,000 item re-classification project in a key London University.

During any project a key part of our focus is ensuring minimal disruption to library services, so there’s no need to worry about having to close your library or limit the service you offer.

The team will always be managed on-site by a Project Manager with additional support from an on-site supervisor and our back office team. The project manager's responsibilities include ensuring that all data entry meets the requisite standards and that you, the customer, are happy with the process and the end result.

Processing high volumes is our key strength, both in terms of speed and accuracy. By increasing productivity to the highest possible level, using skilled and committed staff and monitoring every aspect of the project with precision we achieve highly competitive rates with a first class service provision.

Physical Re-Classification - Re-Labelling and Re-Shelving:

If you have the data element of your re-classification project already resolved, you may need a service to provide the physical element of the work. Re-labelling and re-shelving, including the management of the logistics surrounding the new layout, are all part of our re-classification service.

Physical Re-Classification - Catalogue Data + Re-Labelling and Re-Shelving

You may have some re-classification data resolved but not all, leaving a requirement for both the physical stock processing and some physical catalogue data. This service was included in a recent Library Outsourcing Ltd, project covering 100,000 items, which was completed in under twelve weeks.

Book in Hand Cataloguing:

Perhaps you are starting from scratch with card only records or no records at all. Our complete cataloguing service will provide a price per item solution working to your cataloguing policies.

Book in Hand Cataloguing + Processing:

You may also require the processing that goes with the cataloguing service. Again a price per item solution is available.

Catalogue Work - Daily Rate:

Our LibAssist service may be more suited to your needs, if you are looking for some assistance with cataloguing on a day by day basis LibAssist may be an option.  

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