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RFID Tagging Services Options for Libraries

RFID Tagging Services Options for Libraries

RFID Tagging Services


With our tried and tested ultra-efficient system we have tagged over 25 million items with virtually no disruption to library operation and excellent feedback from all our customers.

We believe there are two key requirements for the tagging stage to help enable a successful RFID project:

  • First it must be done correctly, having a skilled, committed and driven team is essential to sustain the quality of the work throughout the process.
  • Second is timescale, being able to accurately, to the day, forecast completion of the tagging process allows the rest of the project to be implemented on time and on budget.


Option 1: The Tagging Team

All-inclusive: we do all the work on the RFID project, you carry on with your daily tasks.

This is the most heavily utilised of our tagging related services: we do the job for you, updating you on the progress daily while your staff and readers continue undisturbed. The Tagging Team Service is for all libraries looking for a stress-free, fast, reliable, all inclusive RFID tagging project, completed by professionals with many years’ experience and over 25 million correctly processed items.

This service includes:

  • Scoping and planning the tagging project;
  • Our experienced tagging team carry out the tagging of your stock;
  • A supervisor permanently on site and an assigned Project Manager;
  • Quality control processes including physical and digital checks;
  • Daily communication with library staff on our progress;
  • Daily reports on our progress via emails;
  • Guaranteed completion of the project within the agreed time scale;
  • Processed items being returned to their original positions;
  • Our own tagging equipment used throughout;
  • Full library staff tagging training before we leave;

NB. Price is all-inclusive and our charges are per item processed. Price depends on the quantity and character of the stock to be tagged.


Option 2: Set-up and Go

We ensure a stress-free initiation of your RFID tagging project, you do the tagging.

RFID tagging is a challenging process that depends on the initial set up being correct and tight quality control processes to be successful. Our research shows that many librarians / library staff, experience high levels of stress when a change like RFID implementation takes place within their library, especially when they are involved in the tagging of the stock. This stress is predominantly due to lack of familiarity with the technology being used and how to use it.

Our support clarifies such questions as:

  • How does the hardware work?
  • How does the software work?
  • The variety of tags and their usage.
  • How to do the tagging?
  • Where to position the tags?
  • Possible mistakes and how to correct them.
  • We have created our Set-up and Go Service with Library Staff in mind – you are responsible for the tagging and we help you achieve a stress-free RFID tagging project initiation, which will ensure a successful project outcome.

We offer a highly experienced project manager to be with you on site for a minimum of one week. Our project manager will cover the following areas:

  • Setting up your hardware and software;
  • Full training on how to use the hardware and software;
  • Full training on the variety of tags and their intended usage;
  • Full training on the RFID tagging process;
  • Planning the tagging process step by step: sequence of areas to be tagged, dealing with returns, etc;
  • Oversee the start of your tagging project, answering all questions;
  • Quality control on the processed items, highlighting any possible issues and how to avoid them;
  • Friendly and comprehensive response to questions connected with the RFID project;
  • Remote data checking for quality control;
  • Leaving you comfortable enough to carry on and complete the tagging project on your own;

NB. Price is all-inclusive and our charges are per item processed. Price depends on the quantity and character of the stock to be tagged.


Option 3: A Helping Hand

We ensure a stress-free initiation of your RFID project, you do the tagging alongside one or more of our experienced taggers.

Many libraries, through budgetary restrictions or other reasons, decide to tackle the tagging project alone. Though many are successful the most likely issue will be timescale, meeting deadlines is often far more challenging than libraries expect. The project seems to continue forever due to insufficient staff, the work not being carried out on a regular basis, lack of motivation, demanding workloads, etc. Figures show that one of our experienced taggers may process up to 5 times more items per day in comparison with a library staff member who is burdened with other duties.

We have created our Helping Hand Service with the Library Staff and their workload in mind. It contains all the characteristics of the Set-up and Go service but we also provide one or more of our highly experienced taggers to work alongside the library team:

  • The Set-up and Go Service;
  • Our tagger/s work alongside library staff until the project is completed;
  • Our tagger/s assist and deal with queries once our project manager leaves;
  • Our tagger/s communicate daily with library staff on the progress of the project;
  • Our tagger/s send daily reports on the work done for the day;

NB. We recommend our Helping Hand service to all libraries with a tight budget but especially to libraries with more than 25,000 items. Having one of our taggers on hand provides peace of mind for larger libraries who would prefer their staff to be involved. The number of taggers on site depends on the number of items to be tagged, expected input of library staff, any deadlines, etc. We apply the charge for the Set-up and Go Service plus charge per item processed by our taggers, not per tagger. Our taggers use their own equipment and ensure all health and safety requirements are met. Our taggers have a minimum of 4 years’ experience working on RFID projects across Europe.


Option 4: Tag and Clean

This level of service includes The Tagging Service plus extra care for the books and shelves, leaving them neat, tidy, fresh and clean.

The majority of libraries we have operated in suffer from dusty, dirty books and shelves. The arrangement of the books on the shelves is often messy and not in order, despite the huge efforts of the library staff. This is especially the case within university or college libraries, basements, rolling stacks or reserves. These issues are often amplified where construction work is taking place in or around the library.

While completing an RFID tagging project an opportunity is available to rectify these issues. We have designed our Tag and Clean service with this in mind.

This service includes:

  • The Tagging Team service;
  • All items for tagging are dusted, using special equipment where necessary;
  • All shelving (tagged item areas) cleaned with specialist cleaning products;
  • Skilled team to deal with special collections;
  • Items returned to shelves in order and in line, looking neat and tidy;
  • All floor areas and shelving vacuumed and cleaned;

NB. Price of The Tagging Team service plus a charge per linear meter for the cleaning – offering a discounted price against our regular stand-alone Cleaning Service.


Option 5: Transformation

An all-encompassing service which not only tags all your stock but prepares your library for a new start.

This service will provide the full RFID tagging service plus many extras as shown below. We will leave your library looking pristine with all stock ready for your RFID launch, weeding complete, clean, no barcode problems, catalogue updated, you really will be ready to go.

This service includes:

  • The Tagging Team Service;
  • All areas cleaned and left dust free;
  • All stock cleaned and left dust free;
  • All damaged or unreadable barcodes replaced and updated on your catalogue (access required);
  • All shelving checked for correct shelf order, re-shelving as necessary;
  • Weeding service (from provided pick list);
  • All areas left neat and tidy;
  • Any beyond repair stock removed, catalogue entry updated;

NB. We use our own equipment for the barcoding, tagging process and cleaning. You provide the barcodes. Access to your library management system will be required through library computers. Pricing based on stock levels, stock condition and other factors, site visit required.


Option 6: Made to Measure

The Tagging Team service plus whatever else you require.

Any RFID tagging project means all your stock is going to be handled, every item will be picked up, processed and returned to the shelf. In that process lies an opportunity to perform whatever other stock related tasks are required, and Library Outsourcing have the skills to perform these tasks.

The Made to Measure service could include anything, from a full barcoding and cataloguing service to a library move. Whatever you need we have the people to provide the service. If you have a project in mind we would be happy to discuss and scope it with you.

Why You Should Choose Us

Other library service suppliers use temporary/agency/casual staff to complete their projects, Library Outsourcing do NOT, we have teams working with us continuously. The advantage of this is a guarantee of quality, eliminating the need for initial training at project start and the highest output per day per person in the industry, by far.

  • Complete project management
  • Guaranteed quality standards
  • Guaranteed completion on time
  • No additional costs