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Reclassification at King's College London

Reclassification at King’s College London

Library Outsourcing Case Study on Reclassification

Library Outsourcing has successfully completed a project at King’s College London that included weeding, reclassification and re-shelving of 82,777 items across 3 sites: New Hunts House, Franklin Wilkins and St Thomas House.
The project scope was to apply LoC standard labels to existing stock bearing LoC Medical (modified) shelf labels.

The project was a mixture of physical reclassification only, labels already produced with digital catalogue data provided and full reclassification work inclusive of physical and data acquisition and input. Items were split into Matched (labels and catalogue data provided) and Un-Matched (no label or catalogue data provided).

Stage One: Weeding
Our teams had to carefully identify the books for weeding, following the customers’ detailed instructions, and withdraw them from the shelves.

Stage two: Reclassification to Library of Congress, LOC
Library Outsourcing had to check each item against the Aleph catalogue and if there was the same title already held in King’s with a LOC classification this was assigned to the item. Some books had a LOC class mark on the inside of the title page (where copyright and ISBN info appears). When no match was found, the team searched the Library of Congress and various other catalogues.
The team reclassified the books using the located MARC records, relabeling and updating the digital catalogue where required.

The successful implementation of the project plan was monitored on a daily basis by comparing achieved results against target results. Where performance was under target levels Library Outsourcing Ltd provided additional resources to assist the team with an on schedule completion. Physical checks were performed by the Project Manager and the on-site Supervisor to ensure all work was carried out to the highest standards. Library Outsourcing sent out daily reports to the customer to keep everyone updated with the work progress.

The project was successful, timescale was met and the client was very happy with the results. David Crossinggum, the Library Manager at New Hunt’s House & St Thomas’ House Libraries commented on the work: ‘My main comment is that I, and all staff here, were impressed with the way Anastatia and team dealt with the various setbacks, such as the labels being late, bits of kit not working etc. It didn’t seem to faze them, or distract them from the goal. On a personal level, I found Anastatia and Albena very approachable and good to work with – I think all staff involved would say the same. Overall, the communication was very good, I particularly appreciated the regular email reports and updates. ‘

September 2012

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