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LO Kiyo Book Cleaning Machine

Stock condition is an important factor for your library for many reasons, managing the cleaning process sounds like a considerable task.

The LO Kiyo is designed to make this task as efficient and time flexible as possible. Compared to the alternatives the LO Kiyo offers a different perspective on your needs: a single, compact, portable machine which can be quickly and easily manoeuvred around your library.

The LO Kiyo uses hand cleaning with an efficient extraction system, this allows the cleaning of any material whether fragile, large or small without cumbersome equipment, slow setup or excessive noise.

Machine Dimensions (W x L x H): 530 X 1000 X 910mm
Machine Dimensions (Folded): 530 X 510 X 910mm
Maximum Dimensions of book: No Restrictions
Speed of work: upto 5 books/minute
Electrical supply: 220V
There are three different ways to purchase or rent the LO Kiyo.
Either purchase the machine outright, or choose to rent the machine for a fixed period. A final option is to rent both the machine and a member of our team to operate it to clean your collection.

• If you would like to purchase LO Kiyo Cleaning Machine   £3,795
• If you would like to rent LO Kiyo Book Cleaning Machine   £200 per week
• Using LO Kiyo Book Cleaning Machine and LO Library Cleaning Team   £200 per day

LoKiyo Book Cleaning Machine