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"Pop in and Play" at Chatham library

“Pop in and Play” at Chatham library

June 5, 2014
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Library Outsourcing donates games and toys to Chatham Library


Libraries are not just about books and we like the idea of libraries being a place “where families and friends can meet and play“. That’s why we are so happy to hear back from Chatham Library and it’s visitors and get such a positive feedback about the games and toys we donated not that long ago.



Thanks for the toys, they helped us to launch our new event, “Pop in and play” at Chatham library. This is a drop in event where families and friends can meet and play. We have had positive feedback from the parents, some have said that is is good that these toys appeal to a range of ages – games such as the nought and crosses can be enjoyed at any age.  Another said it enabled her some to socialise with other children, when he is usually very shy. We have other events during the week, such as toddler boogie, and games are good to leave for the children to play with at the end of our signing sessions.

Thanks again, they are definitely being used and appreciated!



Helen Pearson

Library Assistant

Chatham Library

A big THANK YOU to all library staff and visitors at Chatham Library for sharing this experience with us!!!

Have fun and enjoy the games and we sure would love to “pop in and play” sometime soon 🙂