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Book Cleaning at Bishop Grosseteste University

Book Cleaning at Bishop Grosseteste University

June 18, 2014
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Library Outsourcing Case Study on Book Cleaning

Bishop Grosseteste University library had just completed some renovation work which had created considerable ‘brick, plaster dust and mortar “crumbs”’ in their two stack rooms. Library Outsourcing where asked if they could offer a cleaning solution for both the rooms and the stock.

The rolling rack equipped stores held around 20,000 books in one room, while in another of a similar size were stacked journals. Both rooms contained rolling stacks and were very restricted in terms of space. Some stock was from as far back as the 19th century.

The builder’s debris and dust needed cleaning from everywhere, including the top of the stacks themselves.
Library Outsourcing sent in a small team of three, targeted to complete the work in one week.

Library Outsourcing Book CleaningLibrary Outsourcing book Cleaning Library Outsourcing Book Cleaning Library Outsourcing Book Cleaning Library Outsourcing Book Cleaning

• All staff members were experienced working in libraries and all re-shelving protocols were followed during the cleaning process. All stock was returned to its original position and books were handled with due care and attention.
• The cleaning equipment used complied with all health and safety and environmental requirements.
• Vacuums used had hospital grade HEPA filters ensuring no re-distribution of dust particles.
• Additionally a dust extraction unit was used in the working area to catch stray dust and ensure no re-distribution.

Susan Rodda, Collections Librarian at Bishop Grosseteste University, commented on the book cleaning project completed by Library Outsourcing: ‘Many thanks to your team, who worked extremely hard cleaning our reserve stores, following our recent building project. They have done an excellent job, and were a pleasure to work with. ‘

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